Enduro Race

Wednesday August 8, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Tom Slack
463 Showers Road
DuBois, Pa 15801
814-603- 0612

Enduro Race Rules

1. Cars may be 4 or 6 cylinder front wheel drive
2. Cars are to be prepared same as demo derby cars with the stipulation that gas tanks and batteries may be located in stock locations.
3. Each entry must provide an individual to score their laps. Bring your own pad and pencil.
4. Enduro Race is not a demolition derby.
5. Deliberate hitting will result in disqualification.

All rules will be followed. No Exceptions! Any cars found not following rules will not be able to run.

Each driver and all mechanics have an obligation to read these rules for their best interest.
Drivers meeting will be held 30 minutes before the beginning of the demo.
The Enduro Race is promoted as an unusual attraction. In the interest of safety, drivers and mechanics are subject to, and must obey, the following rules and regulations, which are set up by the track where the event is being held.

A. All drivers must supply their own car. Proof of ownership may be required on each car entered.
B. All drivers must be at least 16 years of age. Pit persons must be at least 16 years of age. Nobody under 16 years of age can drive or be in the pit area. No spectators allowed on the track area.
C. The track or promoter reserves the right to approve or reject any and all entries.
D. All persons must sign the release sheet and receive a pit pass to be permitted in the pit area or work on the track. Registration will cost $25.00, which will include one car. Driver is additional $20.00. All other pit passes are $20.00 each. Pit passes are only for admission to pits and do not admit you to bleacher seating or to carnival rides. Regular fair gate admission ticket required for bleacher seating or carnival rides.
E. No drinking of alcoholic beverages on track or in pit. Cars and trucks may be searched before entering pit area. Any driver or pit person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be immediately disqualified and removed from grounds.
F. Any driver or crewmember disobeying the rules will cause his or her car to be disqualified. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and will be grounds for disqualification and barring from future derbies. Drivers are responsible for the actions of their crewmembers. All pit crew must sign in and be associated with a registered demo car.
G. Contestants are not employees of the Sykesville Ag & Youth Fair. Sykesville Ag &Youth Fair officials and promoters of this event will not be held responsible for any other damage caused by a driver’s negligence of the track or in the pit area.
H. The promoter, track owner, or fair association will not be held responsible for any cars, parts, or personal property before, during and after the show or overnight.
I. Car and driver must sign in at registration desk at least one-half hour prior to show time.
J. No speeding allowed in pits.
K. No weapons allowed on fairgrounds.

Towing and transporting cars

Towing and transporting Enduro Race cars to and from race locations must meet highway safety
codes. (Including proper light controls, safety chains, tow bars, towing trailers, etc.)

Enduro Race Prizes

1st Place – $500 and a trophy
2nd Place – $250 and a trophy
3rd Place – $100 and a trophy
Heats: Top 2 cars in each heat will receive $50 and a trophy
Each entry must provide an individual to score their laps. Bring your own pad and pencil.

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